Clearblue Fertility Monitor Reviews

Clearblue Fertility Monitor ReviewsAt the present time, the Clearblue fertility monitor is the best monitor available for women. Not only does this model popular, but it is the recipient of many overwhelming positive reviews. Therefore, I want to dig beneath the surface of the Clearblue fertility monitor reviews to uncover the pros and cons of this model.

First, it is important to note that many of the Clearblue fertility monitor reviews were made possible by the many women that purchased this monitor on the recommendations of their OB/GYN. The reason why medical professionals prefer this monitor over others is because it consistently works well for most of their patients. Please note that I did not say it works for all of their patients.

Since the Clearblue fertility monitor analyzes hormones in the urine, certain medications which patients take may impact the accuracy of this device. Women that are taking hormone or fertility treatment medications may find the accuracy of the Clearblue fertility monitor degraded. Antibiotics, such as those containing tetracycline, may also impact the performance of this monitor. The overwhelming majority of negative reviews regarding the Clearblue fertility monitor are from those that are taking some form of medication which is being passed through their bodies and into the urine this monitor relies on to analyze. Therefore, such reviews must be assessed for their legitimacy if the Clearblue fertility monitor was not being used appropriately.

In rare cases, some women may have extremely long cycles. Those with cycles longer than forty two days often complain that the Clearblue fertility monitor is ineffective. Just as is the case with medications, this monitor is not designed for those with extremely long cycles. While rare, complaints can often be witnessed in reviews. It is important to note that the Clearblue fertility monitor is designed specifically for women with cycles between twenty one and forty two days.

Now that we looked at the rationale for some of the bad reviews, let’s take a look at the reason why the Clearblue fertility monitor has been rated so high. In general, this fertility monitor works extremely well. There are many happy couples that are now the proud parents of “Clearblue babies,” and they are quite thankful for the assistance their Clearblue fertility monitors offered them during the conception process. Because the Clearblue fertility monitor is so effective, and very easy to use, it is still the most recommended monitor by OB/GYNs.

Having two children of my own, I can say that the Clearblue fertility monitor indeed works well. Just like many other women, my personal use of this device was extremely helpful in planning my family. I also believe it will help the majority of other women that want to learn more about their most fertile days in an effort to get pregnant.

Our Clearblue fertility monitor review reflects not only the opinions of us, but of many other women that have taken the time to provide their own personal feedback regarding this product. Out of a total of 100 points, the Clearblue fertility monitor has been rated an 88. This is the highest rating of any digital fertility monitors presently available.

88% Consumer Satisfaction Rating

88% Consumer Satisfaction